Introducing Dayflex™ System

We are proud to have launched our latest bespoke product, the Dayflex™ System. It is a flexible system which allows a soft egg-crate to be used either independently or in conjunction with any diffusion or filter. The unique frame allows for the use of a single diffusion or bounce material. Following extensive research we were advised that the biggest problem they face is the time taken to set-up and take down lighting equipment, especially on location. We solved this problem by making sure the Dayflex™ system had interchangeable components that are fast to up up or take down.

The system is so versatile with two degrees of egg-crate and up to 40 different diffusions and bounce materials available. The user can also apply any filter they wish. We offer the Dayflex™ in sizes 2x2ft, 3x3ft, 4x4ft. The fastening system will fit standard aluminium flat bar frames and also 1/2 and 1 inch box section frames.

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