Our site is equipped with a picking list feature which allows you to receive a quote online. If you regularly order products from us or a new customer, here is our handy guide to help you.

Step 1 – select your items

When browsing products simply choose a size from the drop down box. Select the quantity for the product and press ‘Add to quote’. This will add the products to your picking list much like an online shopping basket. You can add different quantities and sizes of the same product.

Step 2 – browse the list

If you press ‘browse list’ or select ‘my quote’ from the website footer, you will see all of the items and quantities in a list. You can add/remove items. Please complete your personal details in the form below and press ‘send your request’.

Step 3 – your quote

Once you have sent your picking list to us, you will also receive an email copy of your request. We will then contact you with your quote. You may be prompted to create an account on our website. This simply allows you to log-in and view all of your previous quotes and requests.

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